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Get paid for doing things you would normally pay to do. Mystery shoppers visit stores or restaurants and rate their products and/or service according to specific criteria. Companies rely on this data to gauge what does and does not work in real-life environments. With this information they can better understand what elements are successful and what areas need to be improved on.

The type of stores and restaurants that offer mystery shop opportunities vary greatly, but many include well-known franchise businesses, of which a large portion are located in malls or shopping centers across the country. Because of the wide range of mystery shops available, people of varying demographics are needed for these jobs to provide the required data to these companies.

The information gathered from mystery shoppers across the country are compiled and given to analysts to determine what can be done to improve performance for a particular company, which ultimately provides better service to the general consumer.

Mystery shopping has been proven to be an effective way for companies to improve their services while offering you a great way to be fairly compensated in the process.

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